Financial Report: GFL (Great Fidelity Life insurance company)

GFL Policy Locator
For policies sold before 2001

AUL purchased GFL in 2001 and has no knowledge of any policy written prior to the purchase. Policies written before 2001 were transferred to the carriers listed below. Please contact these carriers to locate a policy.

LIFE: Madison National Life Insurance Company 800-356-9601 ext 428

LIFE: Mid-West National Life Insurance Company 800-725-7887

LIFE: MegaLife 800-527-5504

LTC: MedAmerica Insurance Company 800-544-0327 or 585-2138-4551

Medical Supplement: American Pioneer Life Insurance Company 800-999-2224

HISTORY: GFL was founded in 1952 as an Indiana company and experienced a series of acquistions and mergers thereafter. In 1991 GFL was acquired by Universe Life Insurance Company from Mutual Security Life, its parent at the time. Universe Life was an Idaho company and was placed into liquidation by the State of Idaho in 1996. (Source: Indiana Department of Insurance, Exam 12/31/2011)

The ultimate authority on the disposition of GFL policies prior to 2001 is the Idaho Department of Insurance. 208-334-4250