Ancillary Credit Products

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Do you offer standard credit insurance?  Do you still have loans that are unprotected?  For most lending institutions the answer is “Yes” because standard credit insurance wasn’t designed to cover every type of loan.  Inter-Americas Insurance has created an assortment of ancillary credit products (ordinary life insurance that looks like credit) that give financial institutions/dealerships the ability to cover all their loans.

IAI’s ancillary products take traditional credit insurance products and add innovative features to help meet the demands of all your customers such as:

  1. Higher Limits
  2. Simple Medical Applications
  3. Quick or NO Underwriting
  4. Meet the needs of higher risk individuals (i.e. truckers)

All our ancillary credit products can be used in connection with all types of amortized loans and lease transactions. A single premium charge can automatically provide both life and accidental health protection. It may be added to your customer's loan which would avoid the necessity of collecting and remitting monthly or annual premiums. In addition, the amount of coverage doesn't have to be tied to the loan.

Ultra Protection

Ultra Protection is a combination of monthly decreasing term life insurance and our unique critical period disability insurance. It is designed to supplement your existing credit life and disability insurance program by targeting loan or finance transactions that exceed the traditional or term limitation of credit life and credit disability insurance.

Ultra Protection has the versatility of:

  1. Varying term limits up to 180 months
  2. Coverage limits up to $150,000
  3. Critical Period Disability terms of 12 or 24 months (based on occupational class)
  4. 30 or 90 day Elimination periods

Turbo Protection

Turbo Protection is a combination of monthly decreasing term life insurance and our unique critical period disability insurance.  Turbo Protection is designed to target dealerships/financial institutions with transient customers, especially truck drivers. 

Turbo Protection has the following benefits:

  1. Coverage limits up to $150,000
  2. Built-in Critical Period Disability of periods of 12 or 24 months (based on account type)
  3. Liberal height/weight chart
  4. Limited to NO Underwriting

If your client can fit in our generous height/weight chart and sign the Good Health Statement, saying that they are not under the care of a physician, the application is approved and your client will be covered. If they can't sign the Good Health Statement or they don't fit in the height/weight chart, they will need to fill out a simple 5 question medical application.

With Turbo Protection you don't have to slow down the loan process or ask your client to come back later, which could cause you to lose the sale. Close the Deal Today!

Turbo Protection Plus

Turbo Protection Plus offers all the benefits of Turbo Protection with the addition of Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance. If your client dies in an accident, there will be extra coverage equal to the death benefit amount. Furthermore, since all of our AD&D policies include a Seatbelt Rider, the benefit will doube if your client is wearing their seatbelt in a fatal vehicle accident.

InstaLife 3+

InstaLife 3+ is a combination of decreasing term life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment insurance that includes our distinctive Seatbelt Rider.  InstaLife 3+ was designed to help financial institutions and dealerships protect their loans and meet the needs of their price conscious customers by providing a potentially large amount of coverage for little outlay.

InstaLife provides:

  1. Life Insurance Protection up to $150,000
  2. Double the Death Benefit if death is from an accident
  3. Triple the Death Benefit if death is from a vehicle accident while wearing a seatbelt.
  4. Accidental Dismemberment Coverage
  5. Limited to NO Underwriting

InstaLife allows every financial institution/dealership and customer to protect their debt in the event of death.

Flex Term

Flex Term gives you the flexibility of offering life insurance with/without critical period disability insurance. In addition, FlexTerm was designed to meet the needs of the largest loans, especially mortgages.

With Flex Term you offer 3 years of level life coverage with/without critical period disability to the client.  After 3 years, the client will have the option to keep their coverage level or let it decrease.  Flex Term provides the following benefits:

  1. Coverage limits up to $150,000 ($2,000,000 with a medical exam)
  2. Opportunity to cross-sell other products after 3 years
  3. Ability to cover loans that can’t be covered by credit insurance
  4. Critical Period Disability coverage

We understand that most people finance their house (or large loan) for 15 to 30 years, but on average only live there 5 to 7 years.  Flex Term affords the average person an annual renewable term product after the limited 3 year period that coincides with their mortgage.

Our ancillary credit products are underwritten by American Underwriters Life Insurance Company and Century Life Assurance Company.

* Some restrictions may apply.
** Not available in all states.