Credit Insurance Products

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Traditional Credit Insurance

Is your financial institution or dealership leaving money on the table and taking on unnecessary risk? Credit Insurance is an excellent way for you to serve your clients while protecting their loans and generating fee income for your financial institution or dealership.

Inter-Americas Insurance credit insurance products give the customer choices they can live with. They can select from:

  1. Single Premium or Monthly Outstanding Balance
  2. Level or Decreasing coverage
  3. Credit Life and A/H

Credit Insurance can help your customers by:

  1. Providing competitive rates for older individuals
  2. Additional insurance if a client is underinsured
  3. Ensuring they will have life insurance coverage for their new debt
  4. Making the clients loan payments if they become disabled or paying off their loan in the event of death

Credit Insurance can help financial institutions and dealerships by:

  1. Protecting the loans in the event of the clients’ disability or death
  2. Generating fee income for the company

With so many options and benefits, Credit Insurance is a practical product for today’s value conscience consumers.

* - Our Standard Credit products are underwritten by American Underwriters Life Insurance Company and Century Life Assurance Company.

Credit Choice

Choice Credit is an auxiliary credit product that gives financial institutions/dealerships and customers more options than standard credit insurance.  Choice Credit gives lenders the ability to select any or all of the following:

  1. Single Premium Mortgage Decreasing Term (MDT)
  2. Single Premium Commercial Level Term (CLT)
  3. Single Premium Critical Period Disability (CPD)

Each option has its own purpose and advantages


  1. Covers amortizing loans
  2. Higher limits up to $150,000
  3. Terms greater than 120 months


  1. Provides level coverage
  2. Protects the balloon portion of the loan
  3. Gives shorter term coverage to clients who plan to sell within the term of the loan


  1. Protects against disability for ANY 24 months during the term of the loan
  2. 30 day Elimination or Retroactive
  3. Can be sold by itself or in conjunction with MDT or CLT

Choice Credit has all the benefits of standard credit insurance while allowing lenders to cover loans that they wouldn’t normally be able to cover.  In most states only a limited license is required.  Make the right “choice” today!

Our Mortgage Decreasing Term Insurance is underwritten by American Underwriters Life Insurance Company and Century Life Assurance Company.

* Some restrictions may apply.
** Not available in all states.